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Sisfung Large discharge sale Portable Hidden Camera Detectors Levels 7 with National products Sensitivi

Sisfung Portable Hidden Camera Detectors with 7 Levels Sensitivi


Sisfung Portable Hidden Camera Detectors with 7 Levels Sensitivi


Product Description

Hidden Camera DetectorsHidden Camera Detectors

Sisfung Portable Anti Spy Detector Question and Answer

1. Why doesn’t it detect the silent sleep tracker?

A: the commonly used dormant locator works once a day,-only 5 minutes a day. So the locator may not send a signal when the detector is detecting the wireless signal.

2. Why is the position of the real-time locator not accurately detected?

A: The real-time locator generally sends a signal every 10 seconds or so. Please do not move back and forth during detection. It is better to fix it in one position for more than 5 minutes, and then change to another position to continue the detection.

3. Why does the smart detector "beeping" chaotically?

A: Please clear the surrounding environment, because the surrounding interference signal is too much too strong. Then adjust the sensitivity down a gear.

4. Why do the detectors react particularly strongly near the windows of the house?

A: The windows are made of aluminum alloy and form a loop antenna, which can receive signals particularly well.

5. Why is the camera not detected?

A: It is possible that the camera is not working, or the camera is a wired camera. At this time, use infrared light detection and use a filter at the same time.

Hidden Camera DetectorHidden Camera Detector

Sisfung Portable Hidden Camera Detectors with 7 Levels Sensitivi

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